Home-made brownie batter mixed with out signature chocolate chip cookie dough.

White Chocolate Lemon (The Yoncé)

White chocolate chips mixed into our new signature lemon dough with cranberries. Topped with powdered sugar.

Ave Maria

Guava cookie dough mixed in with crunchy Maria Cookies and white chocolate chips. Topped with Maria Cookie crumbles, Guava pieces and finished with a Cream Cheese Frosting drizzle. It'll have you saying "Ave Maria!"

Couch Potato

Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed with Dulce De Leche and topped with Potato Chips.

Suga Daddy

For those who need a little sugar rush.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Chocolate chips and crunchy Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal are mixed into our cinnamon infused dough.

Spring Menu

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These aren't your average cookies. Take one bite of any signature cookie and we guarantee you'll be calling us nightly for more! Each is baked fresh and delivered warm. 


Be sure to call early, our top flavors are known to sell out! 

All delivery orders require a minimum purchase and delivery fee which varies depending on your address.

Signature Cookies

​​​​Dirty Diana 
Our signature chocolate dough is stuffed with Nutella!

Birthday Cake 
Make everyday your birthday! White chocolate is mixed with milk chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles and drizzled with frosting.

Chocolate Chip
The cookie that started it all. A moist cookie with warm chocolate chip morsels backed into every bite.


Cookies & Cream

Everyones favorite cookie just got even better... chocolate chips and oreo are mixed into our signature dough and topped with Oreo.


​Chocolate S'mores 
Gooey Marshmallows, crisp graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate chunks mixed into our signature dark chocolate dough.

Rainbow Over Bedrock
White Chocolate chips mixed and topped with crunchy Fruity Pebbles cereal.